Way down the path and didn't leave a marker...

Hey there! It has been a long time since I last posted, so i'll feed your brain my attempt at informing all witty like.

I wanted to follow up with a post about 3D Animation, the program I just graduated from, but I'm not in the mood to edit video material/link/post whatever. I'll leave it for a later post.

So yes, I did graduate from 3D Animation. I came to the realization however that if I wanted to go farther in my chosen industry without having to grasp at a worhtwhile position with sweaty palms, i'd have to get even more spiffier.

So here I am studying hence forth again. 3D Game Art is the program, and in game ready video game art is the method. I have learned SO much in the past couple of months, and I'm SO happy for this. It is worth the thousands of dollars (please let it be!).

Along with my new found knowledge I was emailed by CD-ED's Career Guidance office with a suggestion! Getting my name out in the game world may be a little easier by entering into the international VisionFestival! Plus there's a nice cash prize to winners. Here's the site visionfest.org .

I already know what I'm going to do, which was something I was thinking for my resume anyway. For now I'll say it is equivalent to a game intro animation (I'm hoping to at least do something similar to Blizzard's intros), based off of one of my personal character designs. I don't know if I could accomplish it, but I have until the end of July to see this to fuition.

So I'm really excited, and I've done some planning and modeling already. My cousin Trish pointed me in the right direction for CC music, and I'm hoping to maybe find some sound effects just in case I decide to include them. Maybe do some research on proper camera methods as well.


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