My very first post... to SHOW YOU ALL MY AWESOME NINJA ARTIST POWERS! Allright, just joking. But I am going to post some images. I think I am going to go chronologically, from past to present, adding everyday, or every few days as I have time.

My interests varied during my younger years, but they were always centered around fantasy, sci-fi, and things that we just could not experience but in an ethereal sense. I remember drawing hundreds of 'long-necked' dinosaurs riding on each others backs for my grandmother.

To the left is a demoness I designed. She wore many outfits over the years, and had many names. I drew this when I was about 14 (circa 2000).

It quickly evolved to unicorns and then dragons. As my drawing became more detailed, I started designing my own characters. Eventually, I mentally created an entire world where my characters resided. Even to this day I can recall every single detail of each character's life, the world they live in and the powers each have. Very few have survived in my artistic endeavours today. I started creating them when I was 12, and I am 23 now.

As mentioned above, that particular character had many outfits, below is a couple of different renditions (1997-2000).

Eventually, new characters popped up, I needed allies and enemies for my heroine.

Although I grew up watching many cartoons, and yes I was heavily artistically influenced, I never really grew a huge obsession with fanart. I have always preferred to do it my own way. But I have touched on certain genres and subjects, and in a later blog you will see some more of my recent fanart.

Soon I started branching off a little more... the first image with the wizard and the dragon was featured in my highschool newspaper in 2000.

After I had my son, I was always tired. I tried to pick up a pencil and draw the way I used to, but didn't have the will. I only drew while I was in art class, and I felt forced. Everything was and is still centered on my son. Eventually I got over the hump of late night bottle feedings and changing diapers, and as he grew, I also returned back to drawing. The first image was done in 2002, second and third in 2004, fourth and fifth in 2005.

This was just the beginning, you could say. By the way, the formatting on this blog site is a bitch, I had to pull out some html skillz, and I tell you, I am NO coder.


"Copyright infringement: it's like me going to your house, ripping off your face, strapping it onto my head and claiming it as my own."

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  1. I swear I was present when you did the Pokemon diagrams! Dominion Street Alexandria Circa 1999